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Mimaki CJV150/300 Print & Cut

Printed Versatility

Dakak is a leading Mimaki printer provider, offering high quality Mimaki solutions to our numerous clients. For businesses looking to expand their printing capabilities, the CJV150 and CJV300 range of Mimaki printers are exceptional choices. With the Mimaki's capabilities, businesses can benefit from higher capacity for both substrates and inks for multi-layering projects.

Mimaki printers are some of the most versatile printing solutions on the market, providing businesses with an unbeatable combination of quality and affordability. With their wide range of features, Mimaki printers offer users a variety of options for customizing their projects. From high-resolution prints to specialty inks and substrates, Mimaki printers provide the perfect balance between quality and affordability.

The CJV150 and CJV300 range of print & cut are especially popular for their capabilities, which allow businesses to print larger projects with greater efficiency. This advanced technology makes it possible for businesses to create highly customized designs that are sure to impress customers and clients alike.

Mimaki printers also provide a high level of quality control, ensuring that the end result is always perfect. With these cutting-edge technologies, businesses can rest assured that their projects will turn out exactly as planned. The printers also come with a wide variety of settings, making it easy to adjust the output according to specific requirements.

Mimaki printers are an excellent choice for businesses that want to take their printing capabilities to the next level. With their versatile range of features, these printers provide an unbeatable combination of quality and affordability.

Our Mimaki printers have been specially designed with advanced features such as auto cutting and advanced color-scanning accuracy which make our Mimaki service unrivalled. As quality control is crucial in any printing project, our Mimaki printers are finely tuned to handle any job with superb accuracy and consistency.

Our team at Dakak stands ready to provide superior Mimaki solutions in order to facilitate your printing projects.

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